Andy Mihov

Andy is a UK/US-based mixed-heritage director of commercials, short films, music videos and branded content. He's a graduate of the National Film and Television School (NFTS) and a proud member of Director’s UK.

Andy started his career working as a Creative in global advertising giants McCann and later Ogilvy. His experience as both a writer and an art director is an integral part of his style as a director, which blends precise visual aesthetics with concept, language and emotion to craft powerful stories.

His work is defined by a passion for art, culture, performance, drama and fashion. A unique attention to detail, as well as a natural gift for telling stories well has won him work for world-renowned brands and musical artists. He's received multiple advertising, music video and commercial awards but has only stayed hungry for more. As a filmmaker, Andy is especially drawn to projects that empower women, explore culture and identity, and those which enable him to weave weirdly wonderful narratives with innovative, modern filmmaking techniques.

What's more, he's is also an accomplished martial artist, fencer, and an equestrian. He is perfectly capable of leading a Medieval-style conquest but luckily all he seems to want to do is make films.

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  • Pmvu laurel winner 2019 white
  • Gold 2020 41st
  • LAFA Winner vector white
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